Our Founder and CEO Meenal Sinha on the benefits of co-working


In the case of entrepreneurship the cost advantages, the pay as you go methodology and the absence of sunk cost for the occupant are all huge advantages that make coworking very attractive. Throw in the community, the access to services, the reduction in hassles of maintenance and compliance as well as the impact of decentralisation on both cost and commute, it becomes almost a no-brainer.

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Meetings and Offices Founder in a chat with 99 Acres


Real estate needs patience for good returns.

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Meenal Sinha Shares her Expectations from Budget 2018 Founder & CEO Meenal Sinha sharing her expectations from Budget 2018

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International Women’s Day 2018 Special Interview Series - Startup Terminal Founder & CEO Meenal Sinha in conversation with Startup Terminal this International Women's Day

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Raining Money: How startups got funded with Rs 48 lakh in just 15 minutes


By 10:30 am, the hall on the first floor of Taj Vivanta at Yeshwantpur is jam-packed. This is the venue where five shortlisted startups are expected to pitch to investors and get funded - live - if they are able to impress the investors. The session is called Nasscom On Spot Funding powered by Ideas That Scale Accelerator. The excitement and nervousness among the startups is palpable. Ajeet Khurana, a seasoned investor and the moderator of the session, knows well how to comfort a tensed audience. On a lighter note, albeit with a straight face, he says that startup entrepreneurs should not leave a chance to chase investors sitting in the audience wherever they can find them later -- on the staircase, lobby or event the restroom of the hotel! The message is taken well with an applause by young founders even as some investors can be seen smirking at Khurana.

Posted: 6th November 2017 09:38 pm Read More » Gets Investors Nod at the Nasscom Product Conclave 2017 offers a complete end to end solution to people looking for workspaces with search, compare, credibility verification and user ratings, booking online and payment.

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Like any other growing city Pune too has witnessed a paradigm shift in commercial & retail spaces. As the Indian IT sector boomed there was huge impact for cities like Pune & Bangalore. Driven by requirements to seat larger teams in swankier buildings with greater amenities and more upscale settings, the Commercial Real Estate market boomed. IT & ITeS also brought a big influx of people with residual incomes, need for shopping - both as a necessity and retail therapy - a need for entertainment, and a growing need to throw down roots by acquiring permanent base in the city. This drove both Mall spaces, Multiplexes, and a plethora of upscale residential developments across the city.

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Our Founder Meenal Sinha, featured on Global Linker SME Platform


With the growth of the economy comes a burgeoning number of SMEs in the country. Increasingly, these SMEs are realising that it is not in their interest to rent or buy office space as was the norm in earlier times. Shared workspaces are gaining in popularity especially for businesses just finding their feet. Meenal Sinha, Founder and CEO of has created a portal that allows people in big cities to compare meeting rooms, workspaces which they can then take on rent short or long term. Her dream is that her company grows to a point that in every major city a person will never be more than 2 kms from a flexible workspace. In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL) Meenal Sinha (MS) shares her story.

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Our Founder Meenal Sinha's guest article in 99 acres on Mixed Use Developments


Mixed Use Developments – Compulsion not Choice The last 25 odd years have seen massive upheavals in our socio-economic paradigms, especially in India. There are factors on all sides driving our thinking and perspectives on how we approach our lives and how we build for them.

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Our Founder Meenal Sinha's guest article in 99 acres on co-working spaces


Co-working spaces have drastically altered both expectations and outcomes. They have come at a time when one of the greatest needs is easier and economically viable access to professional workspaces with communities built around them that act as force multipliers in supporting business. Interestingly the need isn’t limited to small or new businesses; large businesses are equally in need because resource efficiencies are bottomline contributors.

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Meetings and Offices Featured in Loksatta


Leading marathi daily Loksatta in talks with our Founder & CEO - Meenal Sinha

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Our Founders Meenal and Amitabh discuss their success mantra as a couple in business


We live together and work together, so give each other enough space to breathe, be critically appreciative, and maintain a balance. Entrepreneurship is tough, let's not make it tougher.

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Our Founder & CEO - Meenal Sinha shares her success mantras with Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Women form almost 50% of the population. Every day poses a new challenge for them, but the new generation women have overcome all to reach great heights in the society. There are no special traits needed to make a woman a successful entrepreneur, in contrast to their male entities. The qualities needed to build a business are the same regardless of the gender.

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99 Acres Celebrates Women Leaders


99 Acres talks about the story of our Founder and a strong woman leader - Ms. Meenal Sinha - on the occassion of Womens Day 2017.

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Our Founder & CEO - Meenal Sinha, in conversation with Afternoon Despatch & Courier on the importance of co-working spaces is an online platform for co-working and shared office spaces that offers a complete end to end solution with search, compare, credibility verification (verifications are carried out while listings and more importantly user ratings are built in), book online and pay. After just a few minutes at the user can simply reach the venue and get straight to work.

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Co-working spaces offer substantial cost advantage to Startups, SMEs as well as large MNCs


Meenal Sinha - Founder & CEO discusses the cost advantage that a shared space and ecosystem can offer, with Priya Nair of Business Standard. With savings of 30-70% over conventional office space and tremendous opportunity to network with a like minded community, co-working spaces provide a much smarter option to new age workspace requirements.

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Watch Meenal Sinha Live @STARup 2016


Our Founder & CEO Meenal Sinha gives a media byte alongside Harsha Lahoti - Founder Ah Ventures, Venkat Iyer - Global CIO Wockhardt, Vipul Mehta - CEO Tipping Point, Sachin Tagra - Brand Connect at India's biggest and bst startup summit - STARup. The Summit was designed around 4 verticals - Financial Technology, Emerging Technology, Marketplaces and Healthcare. There were 600 Delegates including 350 Startups, 150 Investors and 100 Corporate Delegates (Registration closed 10 days in advance due to oversubscription).

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Our Founder & CEO's guest article in


The Sharing Economy – The future of business The power of sharing economy I’ve been part of the shared spaces industry almost from the time it started in this country. Initially the value proposition and value delivery was about economic and flexible spaces that did not impose the burden of capital outlay and administrative hassles on companies that were better off just being able to focus on building and growing their businesses. This was an industry spawned by the fact that the economics made sense due to smaller team sizes, agility and flexibility of quantum of space, duration of use and the ability to increase or decrease at short notice without massive upheavals that accompanied space shifts till then. Then the value proposition in the shared space was the space itself. Over the last decade though, the industry has undergone a huge paradigm change.

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Sonali Bhope of Marvels of Mind features our Founder Meenal Sinha


‘Meenal Sinha, a perfect combination of “Beauty with Brain”, an experienced marketing professional and a polished entrepreneur who believes in being a trend setter rather than a follower. ’ No doubt her introduction is impressive, and I would not hesitate to say here that her business idea is as impressive as her introduction. When I heard and read about, honestly I had not heard about any company offering professional workstations, training and conference rooms on a rental basis.

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Co-working spaces to partner with banks to reduce cost per seat


The number of seats in shared offices are estimated to grow over five times, creating a large pool of customers who can be accessed easily. According to Meenal Sinha, founder of Meetingsandoffice, an aggregator of co-working space, said there are already 500 such facilities with over 1,50,000 seats.

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Our Founder & CEO in conversation with Sujata Sangwan of BW Disrupt


Sujata Sangwan reports - “We Will Raise Money from a Venture Capital Firm to Fuel a Number of Business Plans and Possibilities” Says Meenal Sinha, Founder, provides a dashboard that allows complete visibility and control of inventory, regardless of where the bookings came from and it’s free for two years. Product launch was pushed by a few months to get the dashboard down pat and ensure happy Service Partners. partners with space owners.

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The Ultimate Guide To Startup Success


Our Founder & CEO expressing her views in Common Sense Living's "The Ultimate Guide to Startup Success - 9 Entrepreneurs Share their Secrets"

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Startup eSeries: Finding the Ideal Office Space


Entrepreneurs are not looking for a fancy office but something that is practical, convenient, and falls within a shoestring budget. The key parameters are a location that is easily accessible for the entire team, clean surroundings, safety and security, functional yet interesting spaces, and basic amenities like air-conditioning, internet, beverages, etc.

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