Our Founder Meenal Sinha's guest article in 99 acres on co-working spaces

19th April 2017 10:37 am

Commercial Real Estate – It’s the age of Sharing
A couple of decades ago, commercial real estate paradigm was relatively simple and getting an office was really difficult, especially if you were a small or fledgling business. You could own space or you could get into a rent agreement with someone who did. Then followed the real trouble, as you set out to furbish and fit it out and it went two notches further when you moved in and realized just how big an administrative chore you’d taken on. It’s just how it was and there wasn’t much one could do to question or ameliorate.
This would remain a hurdle and an aspiration killer for more than one generation of people who struggled to manage and never quite cracked the code; possibly because it wasn’t yet time and we weren’t asking the right questions of ourselves.

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