Our Founder Meenal Sinha, featured on Global Linker SME Platform

17th October 2017 01:45 am

With the growth of the economy comes a burgeoning number of SMEs in the country. Increasingly, these SMEs are realising that it is not in their interest to rent or buy office space as was the norm in earlier times. Shared workspaces are gaining in popularity especially for businesses just finding their feet.


Meenal Sinha, Founder and CEO of has created a portal that allows people in big cities to compare meeting rooms, workspaces which they can then take on rent short or long term.  Her dream is that her company grows to a point that in every major city a person will never be more than 2 kms from a flexible workspace.

In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL) Meenal Sinha (MS) shares her story. 

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