Meenal Sinha Shares her Expectations from Budget 2018

8th March 2018 07:05 am

The economy has recently taken some body blows as a consequence of some forward-looking decisions. However, it is now time to effect measures that help stimulate and bring the economy back to a potential justifying growth path.

  1. Boost manufacturing through focus on driving consumption. This will happen via projects and infrastructure development. Import tariffs will help somewhat but those are at best short-term measures and real manufacturing muscle will come from boosting competitiveness rather than protectionism.
  2. Boost rail and aviation infra in smaller towns along with the road infra through PPP to create jobs and infra – this will segue into decentralised urbanisation that is so desperately needed by India to unclog the metros and drive greater productivity.
  3. Boost innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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