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It’s difficult to get the right workspaces, at the right time, the right location and the right price, simply because most people aren’t sure how to go about finding them or even have the time.

We understand because we’re people who’ve spent a long time creating friendly flexible workspaces and helping people find and use them without the associated hassles of irritating searches that don’t quite understand what you want and the fear that someone will rip you off.

There has to be an easier way right? There is, it’s called meetingsandoffices.com. So when you want short term or long term flexible workspaces with assured quality and transparency, you click meetingsandoffices.com.

Once you do, you realize just how easy it is to get a quality meeting room, conference room, training room, day office or any other kind of flexible workspace. Search, shortlist, compare, select, book, pay, done. Almost faster than you can say meetingsandoffices.com.

Even when you need longer term options like a serviced office or a commercial lease or even an outright purchase, the meetingsandoffices.com experience will have you sending us your friends and well-wishers. How do we know? Because it happens regularly!

The Team


Meenal - Founder & CEO

"The ideal office for your business is much more than merely the square footage - it is the product, facilities, connections and culture that count."

Meenal spent a seriously long time setting up & building a premium Serviced Office business into the leading brand in the space. She spent the rest of her 20 year career building successful brands & still making profits.

She understood early that getting relevant, credible, value for money workspaces is a pain that swallows up a disproportionate amount of time and cost, especially for small team sizes and for short term requirements. So she’s doing something about it


Amitabh - Co-founder

Amitabh has spent twenty years going round the block. He’s more than a little obsessed with terms like efficacy, efficiency & effectiveness. His mantra is ‘it can be done better’, therefore there’s no such thing as a customer who can’t be given a better experience.