Top 5 Freelancing Opportunities!

Why not harness your skills and expertise to pursue your personal goals instead of living the clichéd life of an Employee? Yes, the decision is tricky; remember we told you about both the sides of the story in our last article Be your own boss? But if you are sure you can be your own boss and succeed, then why not take the plunge.

Here are top 5, well-paying freelancing opportunities that you can pursue :

  1. Web Development

According to Internet World Stats, there were about 3.7 billion people using the internet around the world by 31st March 2017. That’s nearly half of the entire world population. Knowing these astonishing facts organizations, brands and almost every small or big business will be exploring the digital market place.

 The website is the core of digital presence, web development offers a huge opportunity to you as a web development freelancer. Another factor which makes this opportunity lucrative is that it can be pursued with minimal investment – required a skill set and a work machine. Freelance web developers can either operate from home or can easily book meeting room from popular portals to work on large and small projects, either as part of a remote team or on their own.

  1. Multimedia Artist

A visual is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to capturing audience’s attention, brands don’t want to leave any stone unturned. A powerful visual boosts engagement and sparks up marketing communication; Thus, Graphic designers, Videographers, Photographers and others who produce media continue to be in demand. You can either pursue one stream of multimedia or associate with people having different specializations to form a small team and offer wider services. You can rent meeting rooms at a reasonable price to bond over creativity and meet clients and prospects.

  1. Interpreter/Translator

On the surface, the difference between Interpreting and Translation is only the medium; while the interpreter translates orally; a translator interprets the written text.  As a freelance translator, you will have to work with print documents or recordings. Whereas, as an interpreter, you will have to work on-site. For an interpreter the job and does not necessarily means verbatim translation of a speech, but also includes interpreting the essence in the best form. With business going more global than ever; there shall be no dearth of opportunities for those aspiring to take up translation or interpretation as a freelance profession.

  1. Content Writer

Life today is moving on a click of a button. People turn to World Wide Web to know right from what should they eat to whom they should marry. The information age has made quality content on digital medium a necessity for all companies. Considering this, every business enterprise now needs great content writing services to connect, engage and retain their customer and prospects; this widens the scope for content writers.  You can either specialize in one stream and be a thought leader or keep your writing versatile and be a jack of all trades. All it takes is the power of expression!

  1. Social Media Celebrity

Instagramer, Blogger, Twitterarti, Youtube Sensation and more! The Internet today is the most powerful influencing medium and thus can make you a star if you are really good at what you do. The idea is to follow your passion wholeheartedly and artistically. Provide people what they need in life whether it is information or Inspiration, and if you strike the chord well, you can be a celebrity. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? Follow your passion and become rich and famous!

So now that you know some of the dive sites to take the plunge; go ahead and carve a niche of your own!  Also, read our blog on the checklist to become a successful freelancer which will help you align first things first.


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