You mean you need a reason to share your resume? Other than the fact that you’re willing to do the hard yards & build a monument to your staggering excellence in sales, operations, marketing, product, UX …….

We love that song ‘I hear voices in my head, they talk to me they understand …..’. This is a place for people who see what others can’t and can never stop wondering what’s beyond the next turn.

We like people who like money enough to earn it, we like people who have no clue what their limits are.

We advertise no positions here because it’s not the vacancy but the chemistry that counts…

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"My job is not to give you a job, my job is to give you a chance, your job is to convert that into a career."


"My worry begins when you don't make mistakes, because it means you're scared to fall, but if you don't take the risk of falling, how will you ever fly ?"