Services offers services in two distinct areas.

Flexible Workspaces

A whole range of flexi-workspace solutions to meet your needs right from meeting rooms for a quick one hour business catch up for four people to conference rooms, training facilities, day work suites, to serviced offices, co-share spaces and co-working facilities.

When you need a meeting room – your style – whether for half an hour or a few days. Formal, casual, cool, sober, funky, impressive, relaxed. We have it all.

Power conferences to brain storming sessions, reviews to reward events, whether for 6 or for 36, plush to budget, but always great value. Want a conference room? We have the one you need.

Classrooms, lecture theatres, cluster seating, amphitheatre, AV, Projection equipment, videoconferencing, computers. Training rooms are as diverse as training needs. We will get you one that meets your style.

From open lounge area seating to work desks, private offices, corner suites, we’ve put it all together. From a few minutes to a few weeks, just search, compare, book, pay.

Sometimes you just need the buzz of a hundred ideas coursing through the air around you; to feel the high that neither caffeine nor adrenaline alone bring. You need the high of passion, commitment, energy & just a touch of unreasonable expectations.
You need a co-work space. We have many.

What makes this great is the curated nature of the offering, ease of transaction, transparency and the emphasis on quality experiences.

Conventional Commercial Spaces

Other than the flexible spaces, has a robust property consulting practice that offers search, discovery, marketing, intermediation & representation services for commercial leasing & outright purchase/ sale of commercial properties.

From anywhere between 6 months to a few years.

  • From serviced offices
  • to furnished leases
  • to unfurnished warm shell leasing
  • to bare shell leasing
  • to outright for own use
  • to outright for investment
  • to even pre-leased
  • so long as you need office premises
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